[GAMEPLAY FEEDBACK] PBE Turrets and Minions

[EDIT]: To anyone that is not aware of the S9 changes, follow the link for a comprehensive list of all the changes: http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html ----------------------- **[FEEDBACK]** #TURRET 1. They are dying way too fast. 2. Last 2 plantings are fine, but the first 3 falls faster than the turrets on the live server. Since they can grant almost 200g in the laning phase, if you got ganked or have to back you just lost the lane even if you had Cs advantage. 3. Damage could be better as well, in my opinion. 4. With minions walking faster and shorter re-spawn time for objectives, the map opens up too fast and often you few like either you had enough to snowball out of control, or you're hopeless because the enemy have 3 drakes and a 3 items carry and you haven't finish your second item yet. #MINIONS 1. [Cannon Minions] They still die too fast to wave clear champions, what can make a siege very frustrating (Looking at you Anivia!). However, weirdly enough they seem wonky to last hit under tower, since the turrets keep dealing increasingly more % damage to them, while you need to do more damage to deal the same % of their HP due to the HP growth buff. 2. [Caster Minions] They still die too fast to wave clear champions, what can make a siege very frustrating (Looking at you Anivia!). They also deals a hell lot of damage late game, which combine with the fact that your inner turrets and nexus turrets are as durable as a wet piece of tissue makes it almost impossible to hold a push, unless you have a champion dedicated to wave clear, both scenarios aren't satisfying for anyone. 3. [Melee Minions] They are the most "Okayish" but they could be more bulky and deal less damage late game. ------------------------------ **[SUGGESTION]** #TURRET * Outer Turret HP increased from 5000 to 6000 (Plating from 1000 to 1200) * Armor and MR provided by Turret Plating: from [40 + 30 for each plate destroyed = 40/70/100/130/160] to [65 + 25 for each plate destroyed = 65/90/115/140/165] * Inner/Inhib Turret HP increased from 3300 to 4500 * Inner/Inhib Turret Armor and MR increased from 55 to 85 * All Turret AD scaling per minute increased from 9 to 10 * Outer Turret AD cap increased from 278 to 300 * Inner/Inhib Turret AD Cap increased from 305 to 325 * Nexus Turret AD cap increased from 285 to 350 (They can't kill a single Super Minion before they fall, it's sad) #MINIONS **[Cannon Minions]** Max HP changed from [3200 at 37:00)] to [4500 at 37:00] Damage taken by turrets changed from [14% from outers, 11% from inners, 8% from inhib/nexus (8/10/12 shots to die)] to [10% from all Turrets, 10 shots to die.] **[Caster Minions]** Max HP changed from [485 at 37:00] to [625 at 37:00] Max AD changed from [120 at 37:00] to [95 at 37:00] **[Melee Minions]** Max HP (reached at 37:00) increased from 1500 to 2100 Max Armor (reached at 37:00) increased from 16 to 25 Max AD (reached at 37:00) reduced from 80 to 60 ------------------------------ That's my Feedback, and I invite anyone that has played on the PBE to share theirs as well. Let's have a discussion, how you would change the Turrets and Minions on the PBE?
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