Playing 30 games with S+ grades in a row, should be enough to reach level 30.

Today I'm leveling up a new account. Not because I want to smurf in low elo. But I'm actually doing it because I want to test a theory about the way Riot grades stats. My main account has tuns of games played this year, and it's hard to test my theory with that many games in my history. And I don't want to wait a few months for next preseason, to get the soft reset. So since I'm too impatient to wait, I decided it would be faster to just level up a new account. However, I see so many bots in these low level games. Legit if I go into a game against AI, and I ask how many of them are bots, I get total silence. Because it's no joke, there are actually 4 bots on my team, and I'm the only real human there. Kind of sad. But the reason this is happening is because it takes something like 300 games to level up to 30, unless you pay for boosts. And even with boosts, it takes like 150 games to level up. That's a lot of games. And for experienced players like me, playing that many games is enough to just about lose your mind with boredom. I'm actually playing the game on lowest resolution, so I can move it to the corner of my screen. And on the other half of my screen, I got amazon prime video so i can watch TV while I play these 150 super boring bot games. I'm not even paying attention, yet I end the game with like 40 kills every single time. The TV is the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind. I don't blame people for not wanting to go through all that. I refuse to buy an account, because I heard that even years later, Riot can still ban your account for botting, if they dig into it. I plan for rank up this account, so I won't risk that. But seeing how many games are required, even though I'm obviously a skilled player, just doesn't seem right. The game can see how I'm performing, and it should be able to tell that I'm not new. So why make me play these bot games? I feel like 150 games, or 300 games, is maybe okay to force that on new players before letting them go into ranked. But the system can tell that I'm not new. I feel like if I score an S+ grade, that should instantly move my account level forward by one full level (this would only apply to accounts that are less than level 30). So if I score 30 games in a row of S+ grade, that should level me up to 30, and I would be allowed to play ranked at that point. If Riot wanted to monetize this, that's fine, whatever. They could sell a "boost" that could be purchased in the store, to enable this. Botting in low levels wastes money for Riot, because I imagine there are plenty of games being played right this second, which are literally nothing except 5 bots, and not even one human is there. And those games are hogging Riot's server power, for nothing. I know people have made lots of suggestions about how to fix the problem with botting in low levels, and I'm not claiming that my suggestion is better. But I do think that if Riot did this, and let skilled players breeze through the leveling process more quickly, I think that would make botted accounts worth much less on the market.

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