The execute mechanic is starting to get real dumb

Executes have always been a mechanic I don't like, I think they're boring gameplay, and I think they are unfun to use in general. But I **ACCEPTED** them as a mechanic, because I knew they had counterplay, had decently long cooldowns, and could only be single target. Garen had to get super close to you in order to execute you and that could put him in a really bad spot Darius needed to set up his passive and get in range just like Garen, and the reset to me was fine because it was often hard to get this off in teamfights to its fullest Urgot's could be bodyblocked very easily and even then if they were not in range to be killed then you were kinda doomed Cho, had to get super close just like Garen Evelynn, had to get her combo off and even then the execute could fail(Although this one is a bit on the unfair side IMO) I accepted THESE ones, but recently Riot has been pushing this mechanic to LUDICROUS levels of power Over the past years the champs with the execute mechanic have been broken as fuck, yes Im talking about Pyke. Pykes execute is so overstat and so unhealthy for the game it baffles me that this was even a thing. He has range on the execute and if it hits he dashes to that location, its AOE, and it gives kill gold to the person who contributed the most(Ok maybe that last part is fine....WHATEVER) But recently they really overdid it, this elder execute is one of the most bullshit, stupid, unhealthy mechanics for the game. I really like the preseason, I enjoy most aspects of it, this is the ones that I HATE though, because its so dumb and has 0 counterplay, take away the bugs of the fact that you can kill people off of DOTS(e.g Red buff, and Udyr tiger stance to name a couple), but even if it worked 100% of the time Id still hate it. Its unhealthy, the whole mechanic is unhealthy, but I accepted it because it felt fair for some champs.
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