If we make the assumption that the asian market differs from the western market

Largely due to the internet cafe phenomenon which instills the incentive for quick and short games, then can a game like league SUCCESSFULLY cater to the western and asian markets simaltaneously, or should league be split off into two entirely separate games for the two unique regions? The western region having a balance philosophy that caters to long term strategic gameplay and the asian region have a balance philosophy catered to hectic action and doom fights that can end the game as early as 20 minutes. Of course one major issue here would be continuity for the pro scene, but that begs the question as to, at least in the west, who gives a fuck about the pro scene if the game isn't fun? It's no secret that the LCS is not particularly profitable at least in the west. Hell Scarra noted it's a loss leader. But a proper loss leader would attract people to the game while not alienating the existing playerbase. This isn't about racism or nationality, it just seems evidently obvious that the western and asian regions have different gaming cultures, and that having a MOBA game trying to cater to both with the same balance philosophy is destined to fail for one of the regions (and currently it seems to be failing in the west in favor of asia since they have a larger playerbase).
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