Disappointed in The Pre-Season Changes Because of Problems Not Being Addressed

The game didn't get a mid-year patch this year and problems and issues that were supposed to be addressed and said were going to be addressed, are not actually being addressed. The current Development team just seems way more interested in adding new champions, items and a gimmick to the game instead of addressing problems that continue to be a outstanding issue: {{champion:43}} - Still no GU and zero work being done on her. Karma has been waiting almost 7 years for this Development team to do work on her . . . and they keep finding ways to invalidate her place in the game and the community that has been supporting her for all these years. Every year there is always a excuse as to why she's having something removed from her kit, getting a cancelled GU, and being ignored by a Development team that continues to drop the ball. Yet, Riot Game Developers have no problem doing a back and fourth buff/nerf on Karma and then making excuses why it doesn't work out. Shocker, it's almost like the mains and the players who have been playing her for almost 5+ years have a better sense of your game than you. {{champion:62}} - Where is the rework? You promised the Wukong mains a rework and you are making them wait almost a year to get it? You announced this rework a long time ago but you have no problem going out of your way to work on champions like Ryze and Blitzcrank, who btw didn't need any work. It's amazing how you Riot is a billion dollar company and can hire a lot of talented artists to work on Wukong, but they choose the ladder and prefer to work on everything around Wukong and make up excuses as to why the year long rework is not out yet. Wow, amazing Development team. Instead of working on champions that actually need the work, Riot integrates new ones with broken identities and kits that no one likes to play against. Riot is working on Ryze and the same champion pool every single year. Riot refuses to actually keep a problem champion nerfed or even remove parts of their kit that the majority of the playerbase has a problem with. ============ Where is the AP itemization work that needs to be toned down and also have more options for on-hit mage champions? Where is the Dot focused Rune for Dot champions and the work you said would be done on getting rid of so many movement based runes? Riot said they were going to work on this yet here we are and I see Assassin and ADC itemization being addressed AGAIN. ============ Where is the damage being toned down? Where is damage creep being addressed? Where is minion blocking being addressed? Why are you releasing new champions at the expense of old ones being ignored and not worked on? Why are you blatantly ignoring specific champions, classes and itemization for champions but go out of your way to work on the same crap every year? Give me free content for a week because of a 10 year anniversary. Thanks. I would have preferred if you did your job for a week and actually tackle issues and work on something instead. I love the game and I love the friendships I made through the game, but I cannot support and even care about a Development team that doesn't care about the players. New champions need to stop being integrated in the game since half the champion pool looks terrible on a art level and feels terrible to play as on a kit level . . . . compared to new champions at least.

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