[RANT] Stop losing on Difficult Champions while hating Simpler Champions

Have you ever heard this before: {{champion:64}} (2/5/1): Jax is such a braindead champ. LUL {{champion:24}} (5/1/3): At least I'm doing well. You failed two flash kicks. Why are you playing Lee? {{champion:64}} (2/5/1): "At least I'm doing well" YOU ARE PLAYING JAX HAHA. I'm not going to play easy champions {{champion:24}} (5/1/3): Why not? You mess up on Lee Sin while Jax is harder to mess up on {{champion:64}} (2/5/1): I'm Dia 3 on my main, I can play Lee Sin. My team is just so bad. No wonder you are hard stuck, LUL And then the Jax wins the game with superior scaling and less room to make mistakes. Or how about the: {{champion:92}} (0/3/0): Oh, you gotta 2v1 me to kill me huh? I don't think I have to say any more about that situation. League of Legends is not a game about playing the hardest champions ever and ONLY fighting 5v5 in an ultimate standoff to protect one's own honor. No. If you are not high elo/not mechanically skilled AND have high ping (50+, relative to lee sin for example) then don't play mechanically difficult champions and hate simpler champions You either: 1. Play a champion because you like them (not good for ranked mode) 2. Play a simple champion because you want to make less mistakes on them (good for ranked mode) 3. Play a difficult champion because you are high skill and low ping Platinum elo is not high enough to use Lee Sin to his full. There are better picks. Insulting simple champions like Jax, Soraka, and Amumu is pointless. I mean, obviously you shouldn't be toxic, but to even have anger towards them is unreasonable. There are ways to be skilled with mechanically unintensive champions. Maybe you shouldn't use your CC on the {{champion:22}}, but rather peel your own {{champion:51}} by using your CC on their {{champion:238}} when they dive you? Not all mechanical skill has to be timing based, but rather a combination of timing and decision making. Did you know? Jax can trigger two of his Sheen procs by activating and deactivating his counterstrike at a precise time. **If you want to climb low elo, then play reasonably simple champions**
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