Okay what the fuck is up with this jungle exp?

I had a jungler who camped me for 3+ waves today, and walked out the same level as my jungler who was farming. He took down two of my {{item:2055}}, and then walked by being the exact same level as my own farming jungler while having done absolutely nothing to gain exp from his camps. Why the fuck are junglers allowed to get away with this and not taxed the least bit for camping these days? I don't blame my jungler as he was actually trying to take objectives but the fact that having a jungler camping me forcing me to play safe wave after wave doesn't go punished to the extent at which they should is fucking apalling. Why don't junglers gain reduced exp from minions the way laners gain reduced exp from jungle monsters? Why are they allowed to sit right on top of my ward for such extended periods without being punished hard enough?
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