Tahm Kench is still dumb, Riot are just avoiding a big issue

Doesn't matter what's his win rate I'm not saying Tahm kench is broken, or overpowered, or is the best support right now. It does not matter what's his current state, Riot just broke his legs, bandaided his kit to preserve his toxic identity of a mobile zhonya. His ult is 2000 RANGE WHAT THE FUCK HIs E doesn't do anything His Q doesn't apply stacks anymore all, for his ability to nullify 99% of league's spells with his W to remain, who exactly thinks that tahm players or players who play against tahm kench want that? You're avoiding the issue, all the nerfs you did to Tahm made the champion unable to function just for the sake of having a toxic identity, he needs his W on ally to be completely removed. His identity should not be a walking zhonya, please stop with this bullshit and make him an aggressive support with an other unique ability.
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