What if... Camille had strict AD or AP scaling [AP BRUISER CAMILLE]

Greetings Summoners! This is an idea I've gotten yesterday, and before you ask, yes, I've taken my time to think this through, so ready or not, here it goes! _**1. Camille's Spell Damage Ratios**_ So, we all know that Camille has AD scalings on her spells where as her Q is bounded to base Attack Damage stat, right? So what if Camille had access to either AD or AP ratio's on her spells? Here's how it goes. Basically, with this idea in mind, Camille would either have AD scaling or AP scaling, depending which Adaptive Force stat is higher on her. So this is the whole idea of making Camille even MORE adaptive when it comes to build Team Comps. Camille can go either: 1) Traditional AD/HP Bruiser build she is known for, or even AD tanky build with Grasp which really became popular recently. Deals Physical and True damage and has AD scalings on ALL of her abilities only. Her Ultimate will still deal Current-HP Magic Damage though. 2) AP/HP Bruiser build where she get's to build a lot of AP, deal similar damage while still staying relatively tanky with HP, could specialize in AP Magic Tank. Deals Magic and True damage and she has AP scalings on ALL of her abilities. However, her Ultimate will deal Current-HP Physical Damage. Why so? Simple, because Camille's Ultimate was always her gateway to dealing all 3 damage types, her ultimate dealing the LEAST of the third missing damage type, so if AD Camille get's to have Magic Damage in her ulti, AP Camille should have Physical Damage in her ulti. Another thing about AP Camille is a visual addition, where all of her Blue Spell Casts such as her W and Ulti turn into Orange, and her Q having Dark Glowing Aura instead of White Blink(This is what her Basic look should have, and as for her Skins, contrasts of the colors used on them). _**2. The Build**_ Let's talk about the build AP Camille would have. But first, let's see what are all the stats Camille needs in order for this to work. 1) AP, because of her spells having AP scaling, and your Q, Precision Protool will strike for the amount of your AP, instead of AD(true damage value stays the same in level scaling). 2) HP, this is crucial for her Passive, Adaptive Defenses as it's shield value is based off of Camille's 20% Maximum HP(this value can be changed with Revitalize where it's 25% Max HP, or 30% when on lower Health, what can I say, Shield Bash is a fun rune). 3) Attack Speed, keep in mind that even if AP Camille's auto's would be WAY weaker over the line, there are still items that would make her on-hit damage MAGIC damage effective on her AP build, where AD variant abuses the base AD value from Triforce, both abuse her E, Hookshot's AS steroid. I will talk about this more when we forge her build. 4) Armor/Magic Ressist, honestly even tho the defense stats were a joke in Season 8 and still are in Season 9, she would still have access to a LOT of AP ressistant items that would increase her survivability on a way AD Camille could not. AD Camille rellies on Adaptive Defenses Passive, HP, Untargetability from Ultimate's Cast, and base Defensive stats as well as ever famous AD bruiser Item {{item:3053}}. AP Camille would have access to {{item:3157}} and {{item:3102}}. And for those who hadn't seen how funny it is to R Stopwatch someone under your Turret, oh boy it's fun. 5) Mobility, what is interesting and yet akward at the same time is how AP items aren't mobility related, they are utility related, especially the active ones such as {{item:3030}} {{item:3905}} or {{item:3146}}, with the exceptions of {{item:3907}} {{item:2065}} and {{item:3152}}. Would these items compensate the lack of Phage's bonus Movement Speed passive that is stackable on Camille's Q Precision Protocol's movement speed? Only time would tell. Now that we've analized these 5 cote spots of Camille's stats, that are crucial for her in order to scale well and properly, let's try making an AP Bruiser build that would fit her Gameplay Profile: {{item:3027}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3116}}/{{item:3157}} Let's analize each item specifically and why they are beneficial to her cause: 1) {{item:3115}} {{item:3100}} are her two item replacements for {{item:3078}}, {{item:3115}} and {{item:3100}} being the bread pieces and {{item:3078}} being the meat, and Camille's scissor leg's reflexes the grinder for such delishious AP snack. Joke's aside, for those who think that AP Camille would be broken in early to mid game, keep in mind that she would need to spend almost twice more gold than she normally would on her 1st AD item powerspike in order to have her on-hit damage go online, that is already an enough delay in powerspiking in her on-hit and Q power, and speaking of powerspikes, we will talk about it later. Besides, even with those 2 AP items, Camille would still lack HP and Phage Movement Speed passive for speedy Orb Walk/Attack Move + Q plays. 2) {{item:3027}} is an Excellent 1st item for her, as it offers almost everything she would want to have early in the game. She gains AP, HP, and Mana out of this item, and it efficient healing on her high Mana cost spells such as her Ultimate E and W(when it is ranked up multiple times), as for her Q, it is a solid healing because it is spammable in lane, skirmishes and teamfights. Even tho she would NOT gain Attack Speed or on-hit power from this item, she will still gain a LOT of AP for her Q's to deal efficient magic/true damage, which is further more COMPENSATED for her W and E damage. 3) Boots as Boots, they are situational as always, it's just {{item:3111}} are always going to be good for CC survability when diving or after-Hookshot action in teamfights. Honestly I preffer {{item:3047}} most of the time but that's just my taste and a story for another time. 4) {{item:3152}} Have you ever tried Hookshot + Protobelt? It's so much fun, and there are a LOT of skill expression in this combo, expect high elo master+ to abuse this. : ^) Besides that, it offers Camille a fair amount of mobility on a given moment, just in that moment. Unlike {{item:3044}} with constant movement speed burst. {{item:3146}} would've been a prefferable Hextech item, if it weren't for strict AD or AP ability ratio idea, she could still use that AD for on-hit purposes tho, but would cost her too much of losing HP as she'd be squishier(the goal in this build is to reach 3k HP milestone, the way {{champion:82}} does). 5) {{item:3116}} Oh boy, more AP, more HP, more utility. Now THIS, is a true compensation for AP Bruisers that can't abuse Mobility feature which AD Bruiser can abuse from {{item:3078}} and {{item:3071}}. The Slow utility, it is EXACTLY what coutnes those two items and not only that, it's slow is also stackable on Camille's W, Tactical Sweep, so if you thought you couldn't escape Camille's regular W, consider thinking again. Or how she get's to apply slow right after you are stunned, so you can't really close a distance away from her in a more difficult way unless your teammate has a displacement CC or a displacement CC of your own. If Camille were to have strict AP scalings, then her Q needs to proc spell effects as well(I am not sure if it currently does, surprisingly I hadn't tested that one out yet). Now, let's focus on the Camille's gameplay. _**3. The Gameplay**_ Camille's Gameplay Strategy doesn't change, she would still do the same things AD Camille does, it's just there are things which AP Camille would perform in BETTER than AD Camille can't, and the opposite. And finally, the procs and cons! _**4. Pros and Cons**_ Let's talk compare the Pros and Cons with both AP and AD Camille: - AP Camille has better W and E damage than AD Camille early to mid game. Late game, is where Camille's Q damage goes haywire and over the ''online'' line. This is NECESSARY for her W and E to be burstier because her WAVECLEARING will suck without {{item:3077}}, and that is justified. W bonus MAX hp magical damage on AP Camille should be adressed to NOT break the abilitie's damage however. - AP Camille is Slower than AD Camille, but is compensated with a lot of Utility such as Slow. - DIFFERENT teamfight endurement. AD Camille is tankier and has more defensive values such as more Tenacity, HP and Shield value from {{item:3053}}, AP Camille is more Item active relliant such as {{item:3157}} or passive relliant such as {{item:3102}}, or spamming {{item:3027}} heals while keeping a safe distance with {{item:3116}} perma frost. - AP Camille is overall SQUISHIER than AD Camille, as she would lack ressistance values, despite both being on 3000 HP threshold with their respective builds. AP Camille can either be tanky in HP but squishy in MR, or, buy {{item:3157}}/{{item:3102}} and sacrifise one of her AP + HP items. - For being squishier, AP Camille has EVEN STRONGER late game damage, but remember the first part, she is SQUISHIER. She will do a better job in 100 to 0ing enemy adc/or damage carry/most fed champion but struggle more at escaping(when I say struggle, she WILL have more disengagement ult such as {{item:3116}} perma frost W Tactical Sweep and Backward E Hookshot, but she WILL have higher chances of dying due to DoT based abilities such as Build in DoT's, Grievous Wounds, {{item:3151}}, Scorch as a cherry on top, etc). - Reversed Damage. Everywhere where AD Camille dealt physical damage and ult dealing magic damage, becomes opposite on AP Camille, where she exclusively deals magic damage with ult being physical damage spell. Q2 Precision Protocol recast has it's True Damage type unchanged, the value is only interchangable based on Camille's Adaptive Force Type. - Precision Protocol has an amazing sinergy with both AD and AP Camille's Sheen Effects, {{item:3078}} and {{item:3100}}. - And a pro to both at the same time: _**ITEM AND TEAM COMP DIVERSITY !**_ With THIS suggestion in mind, Camille will be able to fit in ANY comp, if your team is running a full AD team and you need magic damage? - You got AP Camille! Your team is running an more magic AP comp? AD Camille definetly. Need someone to be more of a peeler? Tankmille with adaptive damage of your choosings and like. {{champion:5}}/{{champion:121}} {{champion:238}}/{{champion:246}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:67}} and AP {{champion:164}} {{champion:113}}/{{champion:60}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:89}}/{{champion:350}} {{champion:145}} and AD {{champion:164}} As for the suggestion, hope you managed yo understand the core of this idea and it's to make Camille more Adaptive than she currently is! Make sure you comment your feedback and ideas down bellow! Thanks for reading! ^.^ P.S.: For those who didn't understand, this is an interchangable build, that means you can swap between AD and AP at any time, it's YOUR choice how you want to build her. It's just when you decide with either AD or AP, the other ratio will be turned off. DISCLAIMER: AD and AP hybrid build will NOT work on Camille, as she can be either AD or AP relliant at the time.
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