Ranked Matches Feel Predetermined

Lately I feel as if the games are almost ALWAYS predetermined by the ranked matchmaker. My team and I either DEMOLISH their team, or we're completely getting demolished. It's never a close game anymore. I never was the one to look up summoner names, I've always had the *play your best and don't let stats get to your head* mentality... but lately I've been looking up the stats of summoners after matches just for an explanation of how the match I just played went TOO well or SO awfully bad. (Almost every game is like this!) Well when I look up the stats, the answer is staring me right in the face. I was never supposed to win that game, or lose this game. It's obvious when I'm looking at stats, and this guy and his duo combined haven't had more than 5 deaths in their available match history in client. It's obvious I was supposed to win that game when we crush every lane because the game stacks 3 players on the opposite team that all have terrible KDR's and winrates, and my team has all decent-good players. Why not give my team one of those bad players, and the opposite team one of our good players so the match will be even? It's gotten to the point that being vigilant of the players in your match in champ select and dodging is a very efficient strategy in climbing in ranked. Maybe the clients are too saturated with smurfs, but I don't feel like that's always the issue in these one sided matches. I feel it's the unintentional result of a system that is trying to keep your W/L ratio even. In these styles of ranking systems, the system matches you in such a way that attempts to challenge you and keep your W/L at 50/50. Ideally this is done by matching players up in CLOSE, COMPETITIVE games where the outcome of the game could swing either way. Performing better than average in your ranked division, IMPROVING , and performing game changing feats is what allowed you to climb! But sadly, that's not how the ranked system feels... anymore.
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