Low elo 0 brain function people

I only play normals I play for 2 years and never play ranked. This season I only played to get promoted to s4 and never played again. In normals I get in game with Silvers, Golds and sometimes Plat players. As adc player I 80% time get literally armless support players usually autofilled. First I don't know why are low elo people so stupid,0 brain function. Is it really that hard to learn abilities for your champ?To check runes on moba fire? 80% of mage supports i get like Lux,Vel'Koz etc. they buy Doran's ring. Is it that hard to see what that item does. I say to them to build frostfang but they buy it and still dont sell ring. Scientists should check low elo players like for experiments or something. I don't know what elo I deserve maybe Iron idk but sometimes I think should I pay someone to get at least plat 2 (bc i really don't wanna try climbing myself i am scared of getting to bronze) just to play a game woth normal support and people who know what to build. I want rengar with normal build not Duskblade,Yoummus and then for no reason Infinity. Santa everything I want is that. I've been a good boy{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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