This new system REALLY isnt friendly to older players.....

So its not secret. You gain far less BE (IP) with the new system. This number goes drastically down the further you level. All the calculations they gave us were when you're level 30. I'm sure they avoided the math for when we were level 70 or 80 on purpose. Now, everyone right now is complaining that everyone is getting screwed. Thats not ***exactly*** the case. If you consider that you no longer have to buy runes, the new system is very appealing. I know I spent 106k IP on runes. When you factor that the cost of those runes are gone, you end up with a net gain. At least for a pretty long time. It also depends on how much you were really going to invest into runes eventually as well. But thats precisely why the older players are getting screwed. We already owned all the runes we wanted. We already had full access to the system. ***We already put that time in***. Riot keeps trying to push it onto us that we are "rewarded" with this new rune system. However, what Riot absolutely refuses to acknowledge is that this system ***is NOT a "reward" to players who already had all the runes they wanted***. You're taking away the old system ***that we had full access to*** and replacing it with a new one ***that we have full access to*** and expecting us to accept that as some sort of compensation. ***We didnt gain anything***. As a matter of fact, we ***LOST*** a shit ton with these rather insulting 30% refunds. Well gee, at least new players get 100% refunds. Thanks Riot. If it wasnt for us there wouldnt be these newer players, but no worries all good right? I'm sorry but giving us the same access to the new runes as a level 1 account ***is not a reward***. Getting screwed out of 50k, 60k, 70k, or more IP to have the same access to runes as a level 1 account that lost nothing ***is NOT a reward***. We didnt have to pay 70k IP when masteries were redone in the past. I genuinely dont understand how Riot doesn't get this besides being willingly ignorant. This new system offers nothing to us other than drastically reduced BE income. "BUT URFWICK!" Wow thanks for the ***opportunity*** to spend ***one-hundred fifty THOUSAND*** BE on a 975 RP Skin that I dont even like on a champ that I never play. You might catch some of the people with "OMG but its rare!", but you're not catching me. The price tags are ***absolutely fucking insane.*** 150k BE is so far out of line that I cant even comprehend you thinking it was ok. That is legit the price of like 40+ champs. You didnt even have the decency to make a few cool new badass skins. We dont even get ***choices***. Ffs give us some ***options***. Give us something unique and cool. Give us something that you made just for us. Something. But what did we get? You legit recycled a 975RP skin that was already made so it cost you absolutely nothing besides enabling it on the store and setting the price. You might fool them, but you're not fooling me. Momma didn't raise no fool. Then you have those emotes. I actually was somewhat offended by those. 75k BE for a .png that pops up on screen to let everyone know you were dumb enough to spend ***hundreds of hours*** worth of currency on something that took one person an hour or two to make. ***75,000 BE*** "EEDAT YOU'RE JUST BEING CHEAP AND WANT MORE STUFF FOR FREE!!!" EDIT: for those wondering how to check how much you've spent: I have spent $1250 USD on this game. I really dont give a damn if you think I'm being cheap or not. Riot. If you want the opinion of someone who has supported you throughout the years, there you have it. This new system offers next to nothing to us older players. Its pretty blatant that this system is 100% catered toward newer players while you're just hoping us older ones stick around. These 3 free skins feel about equivalent to a Casino giving people free drinks. Thats how ***I*** feel. Take it as you will. #EDIT: Just to clarify I dont think "Riot hates me" or that making it easier for newer players to get into the game is bad. I'm completely fine with new players having 100% access to runes. Its just the compensation we got for putting in the time is extremely lackluster and lacks any options. I dont even want a Riot response because even that would be twisted into something they never said. You know the only thing I actually really wanted from all the stuff? ^This Wukong summoner icon ***and I had to pay 17500 BE for it because its locked behind a 'RNG summoner icon' wall at 2500 IP a pop.*** Obviously a blatant BE money sink. You couldnt even let us pick the summoner icons? I'm not even mad. Just...... disappointed. The ***ONE THING*** I asked is that we actually got to pick our rewards and not give us some RNG prize packs. This system is horrendous because you'll get players who actually get something they want and say "hey great!" while others who get jack get angry. Then everyone turns against each other.
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