My opinion on Master Yi mini-rework

Master Yi is one of my most time spent playing when i played league of legends, people love him for how simple he is, and people hate how "Braindead" this champion is. In higher Elo, Master Yi mains out there have a hard time keeping up with the meta, however in lower elo, Master Yi can be abuse to the extreme due to runes and items that came out in his name written all over it, mainly conqueror and Rageblade combo mid game. let me bring up a scenario for you, say you decided to fight Yi while he didn't stack his Rageblade and conqueror, you go in and it easy to kill him, you walk away with half of your HP using all your ability in the process, simple and easy, however when he has it stack, it become too much for anyone, tanks and champions who builds armor to combat against him, let alone him doing 20% of his damage as true damage and also dealing probably 40 true damage on-hit, killing you way to fast either as a squishy champion or a tanky champion. without rageblade and conqueror he bearly would be able to deal any amount of damage even if he play his Q right, but that because of the fact he not that strong of a skirmisher like Fiora and Yasuo is. with the following error below ill explain his problems and set up goals I want to do in my opinion. Problems: Has too weak of a early phase in the jg with no CC or Reliable burst damage to make a good potential gank, his sustain is not even there and his W makes him immobile while being a tank. his late game damage shreds too hard thanks to the rageblade and conqueror combo Goals: * Bring out the true Nature of a Skirmisher Jungler * Reduce how dependant rageblade and conqueror combo is * give him a new W that fits the jg theme but also useful as a skirmisher **Q - Alpha Strike** now you may think I'm aiming to buff this and you are most likely right, I'm probably am, however it a change to certain parts of his abilities, since it not as strong as it use to be, it needs more offensive power to help lack the loss of immunity he had at the time which is now gone for a good reason too. With his Q making him disappeared he comes out escaping from stuff like Damage over Time (DoT) and ignites, read the notes below to understand more. adding more power to his Q and remove his Crit damage (infomation below) will make his damage much. (Look at E Wuju style for more information) Damage Change from 25 / 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 (100% Total AD) to 25 (100% total AD) / 50 (105% total AD) / 75 (110% total AD) / 100 (115% total AD) / 125 (120% total AD) *_Note: make it stronger late game but less stronger early game, since his defense tool isnt that strong anymore thanks to patch 6.21 making Yi invincibility be removed, and nerf the amount of damage he deals in additional damage to minions with his Q thanks to the funnel problem in patch 8.13. _ No longer Crits for 60% total AD as bonus damage *_Note: His AA and his Q are the main two component for his critical damage, but since both lead to true damage and with Yi already having so much true damage as it is, it wouldn't make sense to keep this anymore thus is why Q is also being buff too_ **W - Harden Chi** * _ Note: the ability **Meditate** was a mediocre ability when it come out, it was simply too strong during it early stages, soon afterwards with a couple of patches to **Meditate** it became a rather high Cooldown that was overall weak in all stages unless you level it up more. overall the damage reduction and the Auto Attack Reset where a nice addition, but it was never useful for a soft defense for a Master Yi in the long run. reducing how strong the defense is and instead of auto healing, allowing this ability to be his sustain and gank potential is a nice approach to make a **Skrimisher Jungler** he truely is._ _Master Yi cloak himself with his chi, to hardening his body to take reduce damage while enchanting his blade to steal others chi when he strikes them. each stolen chi heals X amount at the end of the duration and at max stack the Chi will explode doing damage around Master Yi and doing X magic damage._ * _ Side Note: he can re-activate his ability to end the explosion earlier, the cooldown starts when he activates it * _ Note: this ability is a reward system in itself, giving damage reduction to Master Yi then be reward for fight in this stat, think of it as a more of a offensive version of Jax, where he takes reduce damage as he fights, but instead of a stun, he gains a small flat healing and a slow if he AA enough, healing does stack meaning it very weak if you just decide to AA one time and walk away, it better to use the ability and disengage then staying around for too long Cooldown: 30 seconds Magic damage: X * _doing small magic damage to them_ slow: 20% over 1.5 seconds * _weak but allows him to gank and have follow ups to happening_ number of hits needed: 4 * _recommended to hit around 3-4 hits to allow him to have quick engage and allow follow ups and stickiness_ Damage Reduction: 15%/20%/25%/30/35 * _recommend to be way less then needed, or else tank Yi will be a thing and no one wants that and make it half value still for towers_ Heals per hit: 25/35/45/55 (+10 AP) * _make sure it small and procs well with rageblade similar to like Twisted fate E work on rageblade and relevent scaling to like a fiora but instead scales with skill points on to his abilities instead of increasing per level_ Max Heal: 100/ 140/ 180/220 (+40 AP) * _all on you Riot, make sure it not too strong but enough to be noticed like Fiora passive healing_ **E - Wuju Style** Not alot is changing beside how it gonna scale with it, do like how good of true damage works with Yi so i'm keeping it however he wont take advantage his passive E, stacking rageblade and conqueror with his passive E made it too much which allow yi to hit way too hard when it not needed to. thus giving a new passive that makes him more fluent and losing that AD wont be much of a stress and reverting his E based damage but reducing his E Bonus AD ratio should be a good move to make sure he don't hit too hard cooldown increase slightly (probably by 1 or 2 seconds) **_Removed_** Passive: Master Yi gains 10% AD as bonus attack damage while Wuju Style is not on cooldown. new Passive: Master Yi now gains 10% of his total AD as his additional physical on-hit damage while not on cooldown or active * _helps him give more power to his on-hit AA while over all weakening the stacking problem Yi has with rageblade and conqueror combo_ Change Active E: from deals 18 / 26 / 34 / 42 / 50 (+ 35% bonus AD) to deals 14 / 23 / 32 / 41 / 50. ( +30% bonus AD) R - Highlander I want to change the passive slightly so that "Harden Chi" doesn't allow Master Yi be too tanky overall throughout the whole battlefield. **_Change_** Passive - takedown on enemy champions refunds 70% of his Alpha Strike and Wuju Style cooldown reduction Conclusion In short Master Yi is still a great champion with great damage, but he cant do that as a skirmisher like he suppose to, the reason being was all those irrelevant abilities that is un-needed for a champion like Master Yi, so removing all those and giving him a new W with a weaken E and a buff Q shall put in a much healthier spot in league of legends for a very long time

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