Another AD jungle champion with many dashes Riot. Pat yourself on the back. Great job mate. Just ... there are so many ad jng champions that we don't need her. We need ap jng champion because our choice in case of some dumbass taking Zed or Yasuo mid is limited. There are 5 viable ap choices in jng. 10 if you count tanks. Above 20 viable ad choices in jungle. WHY THE FUCK IS SHE AD? Change her damage to AP or adaptive and then I will gladly play her coz she looks fine (those dashes tho ... Irelia? ... Akali? and her look ... Nidalee? ... Sivir? but nevermind that). Her elemental abilities are cool. My only problem is her being AD. We have for AD: {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} and {{champion:5}}. Every single one viable, but some tricky to play in jng atm. But for AP we have: {{champion:154}} (a tank, but can go AP, just it sucks), {{champion:19}} (can go AP, sucks as fuck tho, but just counting him in to be a fair person), {{champion:106}} (sucks in every way as a champion, not only as AP, but also as a tank), {{champion:517}} (not even played in jungle, but kinda ok), {{champion:102}} (kinda weak but works), {{champion:35}} (only a crazy person would play him AP in jng), {{champion:113}} (a tank, but eh, I have to get something here, otherwise it would be empty), {{champion:76}} (viable and pretty strong), {{champion:20}} (a tank but eh again), {{champion:30}} (good, untill he goes mid again and we lose him), {{champion:24}} (can go AP, but kinda sucks, more hybrid tbh), {{champion:427}} (can go AP, but a support jng), {{champion:9}} (forgot that he exists), {{champion:79}}, {{champion:28}} (strong if ahead), {{champion:60}} (very specific), {{champion:131}} (if smb is crazy enough to even touch her, she is just very bad and needs a rework), {{champion:36}} (deals ap dmg so eh?) and {{champion:32}} (can go AP). If you count without stupid "eh" mentions, that I shouldn't even put here there are 10 or 11 AP champions and 5 of them viable (Nidalee, Karthus, Amumu, Evelynn and Elise) maybe 6 if Gragas is ok but still I shouldn't count Amumu so I will stick with 5.

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