Swain and Beatrice: The Forgotten Tactian and Birb

Hello, everyone, I had kind of a rant on twitter and I was encouraged to post here my thoughts and feelings on Swain and the lack of attention he's getting. A little backstory, I used to be a Swain Main, I picked him up in honor of my friend who mained Swain who stopped playing and fell in love with him. The DoT, The Draintanking, BEATRICE. Now 461 days ago, Swain was quickly ripped from my hands and replaced by an impostor who looks like Lucius Malfoy had a kid with Tywin Lannister, which is actually kind of cool, especially in comparison to what he used to look like, but that's about where I stop finding enjoyment in the new Jericho Swain. His rework was designed with higher level play in mind, so too much of his power budget is based off of coordinated team play, which is why he's back to a lower playrate before his rework for normal people, but picked in pro play as a niche pick. His scouting spell Vision of the Empire does half damage to minions and his Passive CC-pull that chains off allied abilities eats up too much of his power budget. He has to stop to cast his Q, which contradicts what he wants to do while he's in his ultimate, which is chase people. and his Q is now a spammable high mana cost high damage spell, so by effectively disabling that during his ultimate, he isn't healing as much as old Swain, and he can't even damage people without losing them. It just feels clunky. and the worst part is he's no longer a **draintank.** Riot said Draintanks are unhealthy at the time, but now Aatrox is allowed to draintank, and there's more healing in the game than there has ever been so they very quickly contradicted themselves there. and He is no longer a DoT Heavy Mage, which was another appeal he had. And thematically, the biggest spit in the face is Riot should've known that Swain players loved **_Beatrice_**, but she's in no spells, her only place is a "random bird" in the joke where new Swain says "Which one of you is Beatrice again?" Swain loved Beatrice, He wouldn't forget her. The long and short of it, is I still miss Old Swain after a year and a half :( I have to let you guys know, it's the only chance he gets even a partial rework, I see hope with the Zac changes, and you're listening to Malphite Mains instead of just thinking you know what they want and I'm jealous of how much attention Aatrox has gotten, it's like you guys didn't give up on him until **FINALLY** the old mains like him and the new people like him too... For me, It was just a sad day when Riot decided "Surprise, your champion is dead. Have this one instead." I want my revert of a rework, but in reality, I just want you to talk to us, and stop by /r/SwainMains and listen to us and our Beatrice/DoT/Draintank loving souls. Sincerely, Still Counting the Days since Swain died
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