Why is funneling allowed to destroy Twisted Treeline when Riot stated it was unhealthy on the Rift?

Hi, lonely Twisted Treeline player here. As you climb the 3s ladder you will notice that duo/trios of funnelers are the ONLY viable meta. Basically how it works (for those unaware) is a support follows a carry (anyone really) around the map as they go from farming the jungle to farming the lane and vice versa. The carry nearly always doubles or triples the solo lane's CS, hits level 6 when the laners are still level 4, then proceed to dominate the game and snowball out of control because they have such a huge gold and level advantage that literally nobody can stop them. Most whole teams can't stop them. It is not uncommon to see a funneler 1v3 and come out alive with an ace. They'll even dive towers with no hesitation because that's just how strong they are.... I've recently hit Diamond for 3s and the ridiculous amount of games where it's my team vs funnelers has increased dramatically. Games are so unenjoyable to play because it's literally a huge struggle from champ select. The only real counter to it is to either draft a bunch of super strong level 1 champs and invade, or pray the funnelers aren't very good because otherwise the game is usually over in 15 minutes with the funneler going 7/0 and grabbing Vilemaw to end the game. This style of play is beyond broken on the Twisted Treeline and everyone knows it. Riot has quickly reacted to and gutted funneling on Summoner's Rift because of the unhealthy gameplay it creates, so why is it allowed to be the **ONLY** viable meta on Twisted Treeline? For God's sake Riot, balance this fucking map. It's absolutely disgusting the state you've left it in. _**EVEN ARAM AND URF GET MORE BALANCE UPDATES AND THEY'RE FOR FUN MODES.**_

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