I am really getting sick of ignite.

I am someone who excels at staying alive. No matter who I play, I am one tough cookie. But Ignite kind of throws all of that out the window. It provides exceptional dueling power, keeps tanks and literally AYNONE with sustain in check, and can almost always secure a kill. For those who don't know, there was a time when Exhaust {{summoner:3}} was taken on almost everyone for similar reasons. It reduced the attack speed of who it was on, and also reduced their resistances. While Exhaust was on anyone that wasn't a fed burst mage or assassin, they were effectively useless during it's duration, and could easily be killed. Granted, Ignite isn't like what Exhaust used to be, but it's damn near close. Yes, it's getting nerfed in the next patch, but I don't think that that'll be enough. As of right now, these are the current changes to Ignite on the PBE: * Damage lowered from [80-505 (55+25 per Lvl)] to [70-410 (50+20 per Lvl)] * Cooldown lowered from 210 to 180 Yes, the damage is lower across the Board, but not by much. Also, reducing the CD on Ignite may turn this into an overall buff, since Ignite will do more consistent damage throughout the game. If I were to suggest anything, I'd say to just straight out nerf the damage, and keep the CD the same, or nerf the damage even more (maybe to 40+20 per level). ######Side note: It currently says (40+20 per lvl) on Surrender@20. I believe this is typo due to the pictures provided. That, or maybe *extend* it's duration while doing the same amount of total damage? That way, a health pot ticking is stronger against the burn.
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