Senna is strong but there are plenty of small tweaks that can be done to even her out.

Senna's pretty good right now, but at the same time I think her kit is fine. There are just a few things about her kit that can be removed and/or tweaked that most people don't notice. For example: Her spirits give her three gold. On paper, this doesn't seem like much. But remember that Senna is a supportive (or focused on) character who is meant to not have that MUCH gold income. 25 spirits is enough for a free vision ward which places her slightly ahead. This also considers that if Senna is the basic AD and farming normally she gets a little extra gold off certain minions. One doesn't expect it to but this can add up over time. Going back with 100 less gold on any other support is something Senna doesn't have to worry about. Another thing is that her Q damages structures. I get that it can target them but...damage them? Again, this doesn't sound like too big of a deal on paper until you consider Senna can double-up on tower damage. Late game this also makes her a potent siege character as she can dunk on towers with an AD build. It also deals a pretty nasty amount of damage. It also applies on hits so there's, y'know, that. Not to mention it also heals Senna herself, which means she has a bonus self-heal aspect to her kit. Q also allows Senna to collect mist from foes, which contributes further to her potential stacking. And of course there's outside factors as well: {{item:3179}} allows her nuke wards and have a sweeper on hand with a short cooldown, an item no other support can build without dipping into a bunch of terrible stats. Senna also has the Kai'sa benefit of being able to itemize for both AD and AP, albeit more so dipping into supportive AP items which allows her immense flexibility. If you wanted to you could nerf AD Ratios or Buff AP ratios to make AP/Support items more desirable for her. Despite Senna's strength, I don't want a situation where Riot ends up removing swathing chunks from the character. For all the bluster about her, she has clear weaknesses (Tanks/initiators ruin her day) and really isn't that difficult to deal with provided she's not overbearing nor insanely fed. Trimming away at some of the invisible strengths of her kit can ease her down from being so strong while not turning her into a dumpster fire. Hopefully we don't have another situation where a champion becomes gutted for solo queue only to enter the endless buff/nerf cycle because we struggle once more between pro and PUB balance.
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