0/7 Mord gets a quadra kill in my ranked game for doing absolutely nothing, just for being mord

Pls balance your game. I was 8/1/ with draven with double the cs of my enemy adc. Mord isnt the only champion who needs fixing. Pyke, yummi. No support should have a hook, a stun, a self sustain, and execute ability. Pyke is a darius with a longer hook, non skill shot sustain, a stun, plus an execute ability that not only reset and gives you gold, but gives teammates gold as well. Yummi is just dumb stupid in lane. Too much poke, and now running around through minions won't save you. By the end of the game she will out damage the adc. If supports are supposed to do damage early, buff their base stats and take away their gold and lower their scale. Im looking at zyra, brand, velkoz, xerath etc. No support should be able to do so much damage late game. They scale harder than adcs. Im in no means good at this game but I still love it and the competitive aspect of rank. Please make it fair, because it's more fun if its actually fair.
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