Since cloud drake will give CDR for your ult... can you actually make it work for Kog'Maw too?

Riot said they wanted to make the new changes to the rift seem fair to both teams. Good. But how about making it fair to all champions, as well? Kog'Maw apparently has a hard cap, which is added to his ult. His ult button comes back up as expected, but refuses to let you press it, until you wait the additional ~0.25 seconds. At rank 3, Kog'Maw's ult has a base cooldown of just 1 second. But with full CDR, plus Cosmic Insight, plus fully stacked Ultimate Hunter, his ult CD is around: 0.4125 seconds (ultimate hunter stacks multiplicatively). BUT NO. Because in all my tests, it forcefully adds about 0.25 seconds to his ult cooldown, which cannot be reduced by any amount of CDR. So if his cooldown should have been 0.4 seconds, you'll actually see a delay of more like 0.4 + 0.25 = 0.65 total seconds between each R. The way it works is that the button for his R will "appear" to come back up after just the 0.4 seconds. But if you press it then, nothing happens. The button looks like it is ready to be pressed again, but it ignores you when you try. So you'll experience a total delay of AT LEAST 0.65 seconds between the time that one ult lands on the ground, and the time when the next ult lands on the ground. And that's assuming you don't have any additional delay due to fat finger syndrome. And before you say "Oh, that's just the casting time", well, no. Here's my practice tool tests: With 1.9 CD, I could cast it 28 times in one minute (2.14 seconds between casts... just a fat finger delay) With 0.55 CD, I could cast it 57 times in one minute (1.05 seconds between casts... WAY more than a fat finger delay). With the new cloud drake bringing such highly advertised ultimate cooldown reduction for everybody else, all I can do is beg Riot, on my knees of course, for the good of all Kog'Man kind, don't forget the very best ADC (**** COUGH*** * ** jungler**) in this big fancy update. ######And perhaps unlock my ultimate Sona skin shard which has been rotting in my loot inventory for years.
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