Playing as and ADC has been the most frustrating, infuriating role forever.

Im not even talking about getting oneshot by assassins. I don't mind getting oneshot by a full lethality Zed, its his job. The problem is this stupid meta. You either pick {{champion:145}} , {{champion:498}} or {{champion:22}} or you're trolling. The support meta is incredibly stupid, hook champions should NOT be rewarded for MISSING hooks. You know what it feels like playing an imobile champion and being able to dodge that crucial hook BUT WAIT LOLLIPOPPING is a thing LETS REWARD the guy that MISSED and not the one that outplayed, if that wasnt enough we have {{champion:53}} that runs at you at LUDICROUS speeds with E being his initiation tool after the first item and still gets a buff on his Q. {{champion:111}} a hook half lane wide and {{champion:89}} who can AFK you on a combo(although i dont have much problems with her personally i find her E easy to dodge). {{champion:35}} SHOULD never be allowed to be support, he literally afks on 20 boxes and theres 0 you can do about it because your jungler cant even gank a shaco lane. The fact that tanks are nonexistant in SoloQ also is a complete nerf to ADCs, what frontline am I supposed to hide behind form the enemy assassins and bruisers, when even {{champion:54}} is solely picked for AP assassin. No wonder whenever i play another role by 10 mins one botlane is 10/0 and the other 0/10 EVERY game. Its gotten to the point where i'd rather go toplane to get counter picked and denied from cs for 5 mins straight because its totally healthy gameplay that i enjoy. Who doesn't? AFK'ing for 5 mins and either get a free win or free loss because you won/lost the botlane 50/50, i LOVE gambling. There are currently 2 items, TWO that AD champions can buy for magic resist {{item:3231}} and {{item:3156}} and only one of them really woks for that job the other is just an anti CC active. Yes you can also buy {{item:3091}} but this is for SOME ads that use attack speed. We need a complete defensive items revamp, tanks have no proper items, mage items are INCREDIBLY toxic, you can see that because as soon as {{champion:145}} picks them up she becomes unbeatable. Mages have FREE access to penetration, its in their boot options {{item:3020}} , its in their anti healing item {{item:3165}} and they still have a pure anti MR item {{item:3135}} on top of {{item:3151}} who provides MORE damage, damage that scales during the fight, HP and a burn... C'mon seriously even ATMOGS and Elixir of Fortitude metas were better than this..
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