Are people a joke to you or machine to make money?

I have no words for latest Riot's changes and news. It's like a big slap to every non-e-sport player for this game. First you make new mode TFT, saying "hey, we have something totally new if you are bored with typical MOBA game" and then this mode is full of bugs but instead of fixing them you make even more champions and other non-related-to-fixing stuff ignoring the fact how unplayable it is. You actually MADE RANKING GAMES before fixing it! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Are we a joke to you or what? I reported looots of time every bug I saw on TFT and most of them are still not fixed. There is still a big problem with WW thats why I decided to not build him since people are mad all the time when he just sits in the middle, don't move and don't play because you can't kill him - like he doesn't even exist. There is STILL problem with champions that are not attacking even if something is in range! Or they are not moving even if they are able to move to the target. Seriously how bad is this mode right now? How big this mess is that you just don't care and let players be mad over it until they finally leave this game and find something new? Because I'm in a great need to find a good alternative to LoL right now. I saw enough this year to think that you all in Riot just gave up and have no idea what to do or how to bring the fun back. Shame
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