A Sol's Late Game is Ridiculuosly Weak

Just throw out the window that you might have a perfect team fight in an even game. Every other case you just arent going to hit many stars before dying bc everyone else hits really hard, and your stars do not and are easy to dodge. So late is mostly about your Q bc the R is nothing like a Brand, Lux or Vel'Koz ult either. Sol is half a champ late. If you get into a fight with an adc (or anyone else fed) you will often have to hit them with more than 4 stars, and this not going to happen so you are free for them. Even good players cant hit a lot of stars when the game opens up and champs are moving around. A Sol can not siege like other mages either. He is not a lane bully, can't seige, or carry, but he is the most fun champ in game.
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