Why is Darius allowed to scale into late game?

He pretty much destroys most top laners in lane. He destroys tanks. He destroys juggernauts. He is only countered if you play a ranged top laner. It is practically impossible to dodge Darius Q if he uses the E + W combo. Darius is a lane bully champion that has similar scaling to Jax and Fiora. He just needs one item and 5 bleed and can solo down any champion. He scales into the late game because of his spammable Q every 3 seconds. His E is one of the best CC abilities in the entire game. Free 35% armor penetration because why not. 230 free AD for attacking someone 5 times. And a true damage reset nuke. Remove his bonus AD from his passive. Is the 5 bleed not enough that needs a bullshit AD steroid that basically makes him win every single trade. Lower his armor penetration to 20% max. Stop acting like Darius isn’t a problem when he destroys all other juggernaut champions in lane while also outscaling the rest of the juggernaut roster. No other juggernaut champion gets 230 free AD steroid. Are you fucking crazy? 230 free AD? At least make it 100 free AD at level 18 but not 230 AD. Which madman came up with such a ridiculous number. 7000 gold worth of attack damage for free for attacking someone 5 times.
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