Ok Riot be honest DID you recently screw around with the matchmaking without telling us again?

it sure as hell wouldn't be the first time. Since the Yuumi Patch & Hotfix my games are so absurdly imbalanced. I am talking about regular 15+ score differences by minute 16 or so. You know, that thing that SHOULD NOT BE A REGULAR OCCURANCE ASSUMING A PROPER MATCHMAKING SYSTEM. I can't even play my main anymore (a team reliant champ) because either a) the difference in skill between teams is so vast I can't count on my team or b) we are stomping SO ABSURDLY HARD that I could be playing AP J4 and we'd win. My own performance does not matter, at some times it's like it's the local super-league team vs random low-end highschool club. You could either play these games blindfolded and come out on top, or you just get crushed on every lane at once. The most recent game was surrendered at 15 with a TWO TO EIGHTEEN SCORE. And that's just how it is apparently. Every game since those patches has been so absurdly stompy... I thought that after the recent seasons it couldn't get much worse, but here we go. Now it's not just one lane losing, or three people with a foot still in the game and two getting dragged along... now it's either everyone roflstomps or everyone GETS roflstomped. Just what the hell is going on?! Riot seriously what the actual fuck are you doing with your game? I mean that you don't give an absolute fuck about 99.5% of the playerbase is already a given, you need that sweet sweet esport cash, but at least get your own product done right for Void's sake!
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