Creating a more healthy and balanced Pyke, starting with his Arrr!

Pyke Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
Some champs just want to watch the world drown. Witness the Bloodharbor Ripper at work. Pyke Reveal:
**Skippable Prelude:** > _ Even if the Pyke gold buff is reverted, I'm still going to ban him in 100% of games (even if allies select him) because his R is too strong when coupled with the rest of his kit. Additionally, Pyke Support encourages "Assassin Mentality", instead of the proper mindset an actual 'support' player should be in. It becomes more important for Pyke to make the plays, the escapes, and become the carry of the game instead of the ADC that they are supposed to protect, nurture, and grow. Obviously we know his gold buff needs to be reverted, but in addition, I've outlined a concept below of how to change our deep sea boi to see more healthy counterplay, and perhaps a more interesting and fun way to utilize his kit._ **Here's my suggestion for changing his R:** > THIS IS A SINGLE TARGET, NON-RESETTING ULTIMATE. Pyke selects an enemy champion between 400-600 units away, impaling them with a harpoon. This creates a tether between Pyke and the selected champion, and when Pyke or his prey attempt to move away from eachother, they move at 0%-90% speed reduction based on the distance (from 400-1500 units). Using a Dash or Flash will yank the other person the same distance, in the same direction. The tether lasts for (10?) seconds, and if the target has less than (###) HP when the tether ends (or dies before the tether ends), Pyke will drag them into the maw of the Jaull (the fish that ate him in his lore), executing them and giving Your Cut to himself and the last assisting ally. The execute does not reset, and is instead placed on proper cooldown. Pyke CANNOT drag the target in early, and MUST wait the full 10 seconds before they will automatically be dragged in if the HP criteria is met when the ability ends. **Opportunities for numbers:** > 1. The R deals damage on making the tether, and applies grievous wounds throughout the tether, but no additional damage. > 2. R does not deal damage on making the tether, but instead applies damage over time while connected, increasing based on the distance away from Pyke. Does not apply grievous wounds. > 3. The R deals no damage when made or connected, but applies grievous wounds. > 4. The R deals no damage when made or connected, but deals ### damage every time Pyke or his opponent use a dash/flash ability. **Why this change?** > 1. The resetting, instant, AOE execute is far, far too strong of an ability, and does not fall in line with the role of "Support". > 2. This ability gives more homage to Pyke's lore, and a much fairer execute with counterplay. > 3. **_Musical/Artistic opportunities._** As you're struggling against Pyke who's trying to reel you in, there's opportunity for some -epic- musical talent, growing more and more dramatic and epic as your health bar slowly reaches the point, the jaws-like hunting music building, and then you're either reeled in and executed in a final climactic crash of instrumental vigor, or you escape, with the music fading away, and the drowned voice of Pyke whispering respect or promises of another hunt. Along with this, there's animation options where Pyke is pulling, dragging, and planting his feet to reel in his newest catch, and more visual aspects to the Jaull as well. > 4. Shoutcaster hype. You literally are being given 10s of the MOST dramatic moments you could POSSIBLY be broadcasting in an LCS game, instead of... Wow Pyke just 1v5ed the enemy team because they had less than 50% health. Woohoo. League of Snowball everyone. Now his team has twice the gold his opponents do, so fun and well designed, yay. _Shoutcaster goes on to discuss his divorce and consider his life choices as they watch Pyke push a tower._ **FAQ:** * **400-600 units? Why?** _The goal is to not allow Pyke to brazenly use his ult in the midst of a teamfight, with little thought of how or why he's using it. Instead, by restricting the use range to an inner and outer limit, this ensures that his ult will be used to catch fleeing opponents, over walls, pulling enemies out of position, or even to slow opponents trying to chase down an ally by putting himself in danger instead._ * **After activating, does the tether have a max/min range?** _This would require some playtesting to explore the possibilities here. Personally, I would like to say no on having a max range for the tether, as this would ensure that Pyke would work as a counter to champions with near infinite dash/flashes escaping from a fight (such as Leblanc, Kassadin, Riven, etc). As for a minimum range, I think it would be a good idea to reduce the slow effect to 0% if the target is within 400 units, as the line would no longer be taut, but still keep the tether connected._ * **Do I need Cleanse, Zhonyas, or a QSS to escape?** _Ideally, each could be used, but must be utilized at different times to escape: Cleanse would be used during the 10s of tethering, Zhonyas would be used at the last second before the suppression to negate the reel-in+execute, and QSS could be used after the 10s to break the suppression._ * **Will this gut Pyke?** _Neptune, no. He still has a hook, invisibility, regen, and a dash. Honestly, he could probably take another couple nerfs after this change and still be a top pick._ * **This sounds good, I'm- Wait a minute, the tether ISN'T a skill shot?!** _Again, this will need playtesting. However, I don't believe having his R be the same as Urgots will be good for champion identity, and the fact that programming a skill shot to not activate within the first 400 units probably won't pan out very well._ * **I'm downvoting because I want to be able to break the tether.** _Use Cleanse, Zhonyas, or QSS appropriately. A major problem in League of Legends is the lack of counterplay to dash/flash escapes, and I believe this change will make Pyke have a better, fairer role to play. Pyke is wonderfully designed from an ARTISTIC standpoint, but balance wise he is a huge mess on the poop deck._ * **I'm downvoting because I'm a Pyke main abusing Pyke's inherently strong kit in the 1% of games I get where he isn't banned.** _Maybe if you upvote this change and get it to go through, you'll get to abuse the rest of his uniquely strong kit in the 2% of games where he isn't banned. Just sayin'._ * **I'm downvoting because I want Pyke deleted.** _How many Champions has Riot deleted? That's right, turn that downvote into an upvote, cause this is the best you're going to get._ >**Conclusion:** >_Pyke is artistically one of the best champions in the game, hands down. The sound effects, the visuals, his lore, he's beautifully crafted on all points... Except for balance, and the role he's supposed to fill. Creating such a piece of art, and making him as strong as he is, means all those sound effects, visuals, and lore, the ENTIRE epitome of the champion all culminates into only ONE voice line:_ "**My list just got longer.**" - _**Pyke, as he's banned yet again, and again, and again.**_

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