Free Champs gained too slow of a rate (math included)

I was talking to a friend to try and get him to play league and he laughed at me when I told him how long it takes to unlock every character. I understand riot doesn't need to give away free stuff but lets look at the math of how long it takes you to unlock ever character for free based on what I have done. Total League Games played: 2931 Characters Owned: 129 Characters Unowned: 17 Average games per character unlocked: 22.72 (2931/129=22.72) So with how I am gaining everything I have to play 23 games to get 1 new character. Now lets put that into a time perspective: Scenario A: Average game length 15 min Scenario B: Average game length 20 min Scenario C: Average game length 30 min A: 340.8 min (22.72*15) B: 454.4 min (22.72*20) C: 681.6 min (22.72*30) I will get a new character somewhere between 5.5 hours and 11.36 hours depending on how long games go. So to unlock every character I need to play 803-1658.5 hours. Now this time will go up as this is only in game time and has no time waiting for a game, draft phase, and end game screen. I am all for a slow unlock process but it should be a tad quicker. I never feel like I am making any progress with how slow the system is currently. I have put in about 732.75 hours. That is longer than Final Fantasy games to 100% and they are RPG games.
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