I want an answer for this patch.

Patch 9.18 notes
Star Guardian Rakan, Xayah, Zoe, and Neeko (including her Prestige Edition) will be available on September 12, 2019. Passive now heals for less against minions. Q damage to minions reduced and flattened. Aatrox is still highly valued in pro play, so we're taking another swing at him.
As an Evelynn main the last nerf hit much harder than riot expected, having her win rate drop nearly 4%. They promised a buff to compensate as they over estimated how much the nerf would impact her. and they gave us this. They increased her execute damage to a ridiculous number. How ridiculous? a 1.8 scaling ap ratio with a 300/600/900 base damage. Thats a lot of damage, but its worthless, completely garbage. its does nothing to fix Evelynn's problem or to increase her winrate. her scaling on her ult execute was already off the wall insane being able to deal upwards of 2000 damage or more. The change doesn't help her gameplay, or winrate, or anything. With an AP ratio like that on a champion like Evelynn, they may as well have changed her ulti to something like Pyke, or Urgot. It feels shallow, and pointless. Like Riot thought that if we just saw the word "buff" next to Evelynn our problems would go away. It feels lazy, tired, and so backhanded. I feel like Riot doesnt even know how to balance their game anymore, either that or they just don't care. This change could be completely removed from the patch notes and nothing would have changed. Bigger numbers=Bigger win rate right riot? is that how it works? her win rate will be completely unchanged, and the problems her previous nerf caused will continue to plague this champion.
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