Any chance during the Preseason, we can revisit the changes made to curb funneling?

With the change to support items, is there any chance we can make another pass on the gold nerf to junglers if they're up in farm? I've had multiple instances where for whatever reason, I have the most farm as a jungler, whether it be a solo lane d/cing, farming poorly, or I'm just playing a powerfarming champ. Any time I have to hold a lane then, it feels REALLY bad to get 4g per minion when csing. It makes it ridiculously inefficient for junglers to hold lane. It also forces taking smite for top lane out, if perhaps you wanted to do some strat with Cinderhulk or such. I know it's not a high priority thing, but it's probably able to be reverted with the support item rework.

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