Nerf Master Yi

Whooped him all early game. Comes to mid game, deals half my health in true damage melting me, who has thornmail, like butter. Comes to late game, does one q hits me with two autos and I'm already down to half my health in less than a second. Kills me dealing a third of the damage in true damage. The amount of true damage he dealt to me was around 1200 each fight. Try to CC him, he alpha strikes. When the CC does land he's got a GA and Q that resets each auto. Proceeds to Q again and instantly kills my teammates before I could do anything to help them. NERF THAT SHIT. Remove the true damage from his kit. He already synergizes extremely well with Rageblade and BOTRK. He already has a double attack passive. He's already got an attack damage buff. He doesn't need true damage. That's overkill and the only thing in his kit that makes him broken. Straight up melts me like butter in a second with a Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Tabi's, and Randuin's llike I didn't build a shit ton of armor and AS slow.
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