hecarim getting nerfed before riven and vlad no vayne nerfs in sight for such a toxic champ

I would love getting paid for doing nothing too,they nerfed botrk for all champs just for vayne wich she doesn t care much about the nerf they wanted to nerf lev 2 junglers and what they did instead ended up buffing them and killing farm junglers really please hire me i can do 0 work while getting paid too David Capurro ‏ @RiotRepertoir 7h7 hours ago See image for overview of the 9.9 patch following the last round of additions. Stuff added today: Champ Buffs - Darius, Ekko, Lissandra, Maokai, Shen, Sylas, Volibear Champ Nerfs - Akali, Hecarim, J4, Morg (support), Rek'Sai Champ Adjustments - Kindred Item Buffs - Manamune
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