Whenever people bring up the hectic nature of toplane, Vayne is always mentioned

And yet I literally never see vayne top, and if I did I would welcome it with open arms. Being 100% serious, I’m 17-0 vs Vayne top in ranked (yes I’ve kept count since s2)! Want to know why? Because it screams “gank me” and even bad junglers will gank her because of how cocky of a pick it is. It’s free gold. And it also severely handicaps a team when they take Vayne top because it’s not useful unless she snowballs or gets to 50+ minutes when she has 6 items and her strengths overcome the lapse she puts on a team comp. what’s more is that she is NOT easy to play, so most people that play her anyway feed spectacularly. Im fine with discussing how top lane sucks but let’s be real here: Vayne top is not a problem. It really never was. And it isnt really good. It’s a cheese pick and if I had to compare it to any cheese, i wouldn’t because it’s shit. It’s like cheese that never became cheese and some dog just ate it and shit it out. I am seriously at the point where I consider Vayne top troll, and you should too. It only takes a brain to beat her.
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