Do we actually need more champs?

Really think about it. What more do we need? We have iteration after iteration of champ designs that already have some sort of similarity. We have kits that are mirroring each other. We have variety. But MOST importantly, every time a new champ is released the game's already awful gameplay balance gets worse because there are 5 other abilities to factor in and not to mention the possible items the champion might use. Just seems like an insult at this point to add more champs. The league universe is being fleshed out really nicely lorewise. Each new champ now has to fit into it and I see this becoming a problem in the future as lore will become subpar. I feel Riot should just take a whole year or 2. No new champs. Reworks are allowed and limited to 2 a year. Focus on balancing the game. ACTUALLY listen to the high elo players instead of depending on Rioters who aren't as experienced. Maybe if they did, this game would actually improve. This eSports craze will eventually die out and if players don't have a balanced game to return to, then you know what happens next.
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