95% of the things wrong with the game right now are just symptoms of the insane damage.

Why are turrets so weak? Because every fight is over in 1.5 seconds, so nobody even has time to take damage from the turret if you're fighting under one. Why are objectives so weak? Because it takes literally 2-3 people about 10 seconds to do a dragon and 20 seconds to do a baron. Why is the LCS losing viewers? Because the high damage causes pro-players to interact less since one wrong move and you die, which results in a boring game. Why do 2/3 of games end by 30 minutes? Because the high damage makes people snowball way more so teams have virtually 0 chance of coming back if someone, particularly an assassin, gets fed. Why has the viable champion pool been massively shrunk? Because a good amount of champions just cannot exist in a meta where you either blow up someone in 0.5 seconds or get blown up in 0.5 seconds. Why are sustained-damage champions (like ADCs) able to oneshot you? Because if you cant oneshot someone you aren't viable. Stop treating the symptoms and cure the disease already.
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