Can we please make immobile casters viable again?

Doing fine all game, picked up a kill and two assists roaming pre-6 as Lux against Karma.. And then suddenly I get dived from 100% health by a 3-0-1 Quinn running into me at 800 MS thanks to Mobility + Karma's shield, even though I bound her mid-vault. I return to lane, and they immediately do the exact same thing as soon as I reach my tower. Return to lane a third time, jungle comes to help me, and this time they just walk around and dive me from behind. **I cannot even play the game.** There was no way for me to prevent this and I can't even get in range to soak EXP, let alone farm. If I leave the lane, they take the inhibitor. Landing a binding before Vault is impossible unless Quinn fucks up, because she's moving so fast that she has plenty of time to react to it. This is retarded. Towers need to offer some measure of defense. It should never be viable or safe to dive a level 6 champion from 100% health.
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