Ranked 2v2

I started playing League of Legends at the beginning of Season 4 and here I am today in playing League of Legends in Season 2019. Me and my friends have fallen out of love with Ranked 5v5 Solo/Duo and Flex and Ranked 3v3 Flex. PLEASE, make an ARAM Ranked 2v2 system. I have played over 3000 Custom ARAM 2v2's and I'd love to get rewarded for winning. Also, one thing to mention is that everyone that joins a lobby and goes in games quits after they or their teammate dies even though my lobby title is "2V2 JOIN! FULL GAME!" therefor I think that a Ranked 2v2 system has to be added to the game, not only to make it more exciting about winning but also make it more enjoyable. It would also add something new to the game. So please Riot Games, add ARAM Ranked 2v2 in Season 2019.
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