ADCs aren't weak, but I finally understood why people think they are

Short answer: no agency, something that everyone knew already and reddit is all over that but why do they have no agency? as a Lucian main I would never felt that before, but since Caitlyn buff I tried to play her a couple of time and the result? It's not fun, just not fun **all because of mid/jungle** 24/7 I'm playing the lane 2v3 or 2v4, fucking camille and nidalee gank lvl 2 and force my flash. But now you're going to be like "ohoho wait wait a second, this is the same everywhere!" NO IT FUCKING ISN'T, because you do not play a late game class when you're top/mid (minus few exceptions) If you want to play caitlyn, or any "hypercarry like adc" it's the same. You just want to farm and get 2 items or 3 items. This is not possible with jungle/mid, you're never going to be able to farm. Without counting that enemy botlane is also trading, you're just going to lose lane. They nerfed FFW sustain doran's shield sustain hp/5 sustain they nerfed marksmen's base AD resulting in less sustain too So now botlane is like taking {{champion:202}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:236}} because it's pointless to try to farm. There is no fucking need to farm when you can put the enemies behind while snowballing. A d4 adc can keep up with a d1 adc right now, because you don't need any farm/push/wave control knowledge to lane. you just go in kill and win no fucking knowledge is needed it's so sad So are adcs weak? Not really, if they have a competent midlaner/jungler they will have a fun game if they don't they lose and this is only true for the adc class Here is me trying to play a champion that doesn't requiere any lane knowledge and carrying harder than I carry on any adc Literally pick morde, and oneshot the jungler in 2v3 witht a support alistar it's so dumb. Riot game is it possible to talk with you about how you made this game so braindead? I swear to god your scuttle change didn't fix jungle, they still decide everything. Damage is still an issue, you acted like the president of France with your %%%% armor/mr runes that are x2 less efficient than offense game pacing is dumb laning requieres no skill game is so stupid right now that I understand why adcs mains think that adcs are weak, with how dumb things are (damage, jungle, shit sustain) there is no way to win unless you pick things like {{champion:236}} {{champion:119}} and say "fuck late game"
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