Kindred - How to Play Her Better?

So, "get gud" works. I appreciate that advice before anybody says it. However, I have played 3 games with Kindred. I'm having trouble. I feel weak, slow, and useless to my teammates. I'll try to give you a rundown of how I have been playing her. I go bot side camp (red or blue). I save smite. Then I go top river scuttle. My first gank is top, which is usually successful. I either get the top lane's flash or I get a kill if they're low. First blood to me or my top laner. So far, so good. I go Warrior Enchants Red Smite. I do NOT try to get marks unless I'm confident that I'm not going to get caught, which.... But somehow, after my first gank, I just fall off. I feel slow getting to lanes to help even with tier 2 boots. I feel super weak against the enemy jungler, which has oddly been Lee Sin every time. I don't even try to fight him.... he destroys me. I end up getting caught out a lot and I feel so slow. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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