Assassin Rework

"Assassin damage needs to not happen literally in the blink of an eye. Providing opponents with a short window (even if it is fairly brief) allows for reactions to even be possible. Currently, some Assassins deal most (if not all) of their damage in the literal instant they arrive at their target which can lead to moments that are extremely unclear and one-sided." Given your explanation of an "assassin" they should be called "bursters" from now on. The point of an assassin is to kill someone in an instant, but if played correctly you can kill the assassin with ease whether in solo or dynamic q. By taking away this perspective of an assassin, it will completely change the aspect of the game, for there are multiple ways to counters assassins. (I) Banshees, Zhoynas, etc. (II) Vision (III) Peel (IV) Focus I totally get where you are coming from because I main Leblanc and can kill someone in one shot, but assassins have the highest level of difficulty and if played incorrectly, they are useless. The rework will hopefully help them but please don't change the position that assassins currently hold in league of legends.
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