Might as well rework Ryze ... again

Ryze after the changes pretty much make him unplayable. The shield from his previous kit was a necessity if he has any chance of survival. Changing the root into a slow was fine since the point click root was really oppressive and unfun to play against since it has no windup animation and has really good damage scalings. Making the Overload damage scale with your ultimate is fine unless the Flux damage spreads to enemies around the initial (like it did before). His wave clear and overall damage was nerfed heavily until you reach level 11 where it kinda averages out like before also. Ryze without his shield though is like a fish without its gills. In order for him to survive trades or all ins, he needs that shield because Ryze is a low/mid range mage in a high damage meta. If Ryze gets close to anybody, he now just loses completely since you have to burn your Flux on your W to root them and he obviously just doesn't have his shield to block some damage. I personally would rather the guys at Riot to remove the speed from his kit and give him back the shield since Ryze normally takes Phase Rush anyways.
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