Ranked matchmaking question

So does anyone know how riot matchmaking actually works? no seriously, how does riot match people up? is it solely MMR? Or are there other factors? Ok so you have a lane with 10% Winrate, and the other side has a 80% Win rate. This is in ranked and somehow both those players are silver 2 Thats usually a losing lane for the one with the 20% winrate. I have been in games where myself included have all had 30% WR or less against a team where they are all gold 4 to silver 1 with 75% Winrate. Every lane gets destroyed yes even mine. Im not trying to blame my teammates and I refrain from flaming as some times you can win those games but more likely those games will be lost. Is this normal for the matchmaking system? Does this even make any sense. My Main is actually silver 3 but I find this to be always the case since August 16 hotfix patch. Is this just how the matchmaking is or is this some sort of bug. I noticed the matches being very one sided even more so since that hotfix to matchmaking that happened August 16. {{sticker:cass-cry}}

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