New champion, .. same community

With the release of Senna on the PBE, and the gameplay content hitting YouTube, .. I am once again reminded that the community just loves to put out the damage. It really doesn't matter that Senna is a SUPPORT / marksmen, every video is of her being played as a marksmen, prioritizing damage over her support utilities. She has AP ratios on her heal and shield, Q and R respectively, as well as the damage portion of her R. Yes, her sustained damage would suffer, .. but she's a support! I would think that the range of her basic attacks and abilities, which increase with her passive, would allow for efficient harassment, which means she can still effectively deal damage as a support. In fact, I think with the stronger heals that she gets from Q from AP scaling, would mean poking with a Q will ultimately lead in her GAINING health during a trade, ... and that is assuming the enemy is even able to trade back! I don't care if it isn't AS GOOD, .. someone needs to at least try it! *** And I do understand that it is the first day, and most likely there will be a few videos that will trickle out tomorrow, if not over the next few weeks, .. but it's frustrating. Every single YouTube video is the same shit over and over. We get it, she's a marksmen, .. even as a support she deals damage like a marksmen. What I'm interested in knowing is, can she provide utility like a support. Otherwise, Riot (talking to you now) ... all you have done is make a champion that players that hate being a support can play when they get auto-filled. > Lastly, if you have made or have seen some YouTube videos of her being built AP, or tank, or something uncommon (English please) feel free to link them here. I would be happy to give these content creators some additional views because they deserve it.
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