As a Fiora main with 500k...

She absolutely did NOT need that buff. Why should ANY champion be allowed to fast combo a turret? While simultaneously ERASING ALL ENEMY VISION FOR THE ENTIRE LANING PHASE??? Like, turret pushing aside, the big issue is ENEMY WARDS WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO EXIST IF THIS BUFF GOES THROUGH. She's already slightly too high in terms of winrate (49% in Plat+ on at the time of writing), and in the right hands of someone who can really play her properly, her winrate can easily be 60-70%. She's far more balanced than a champion like, say, Riven or Irelia (not that Irelia actually has that high a skill floor for good use), but she was actually in need of a minor nerf (like reduced AS on her E), NOT a buff.
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