Unfair Game

When i heard that the season was ending in soon i decided to spend more time playing league so i could end the season in platinum . i was gold 2 at that moment and thought to myself that i could easily get out of gold , all i had to do was play smarter and pay more attention to the game , but turns out u cant win when your team doesn't want u to win . Every time i sat down to play , thinking i would win more games and i would earn more lp than i did yesterday , usually ended with a rank demotion or a huge lp loss . All this made me NOT want to play league anymore because i felt like there was no point and now im gold 3 about 40 lp without any hopes of reaching platinum . I want everyone who's reading this know that im not the type of person to usually blame everything on my teammates , but my teammates are the biggest problem to me not being able to climb . As i usually say : U cant carry someone who doesn't want win or someone who want to win but does nothing to make it happen . I would really appriciate if u guys would tell me what i should do . Thank you
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