7 out of 8 of my placements as Support and...

My stats compared to my jungles... These are SUPPORT stats vs Jungle Stats in my last 7 games. Game 1 - WIN **Morgana / Yasuo** Damage Dealt - 9,521/5,077 (Highest Dmg on my team... Garen 31,303) KDA - 1/3/12 [3/1/5] Game 2 - LOSS **Pyke/Evelyn** Damage Dealt - 7,088/1,320 (Highest Dmg on my team... Caitlyn 12,801) KDA - 1/8/7 [1/6/0] Game 3 - WIN **Morgana/Kayn** Damage Dealt - 6,677/9,144 (Highest Dmg on my team... Tristana 23,233) KDA - 4/5/10 [7/3/10] Game 4 - LOSS **Brand/Nasus** Damage Dealt - 17,200/17,302 (Highest Dmg on my team... Kai'sa 36,100) KDA - 7/14/10 [7/6/10] Game 5 - LOSS **Brand/Yi** Damage Dealt - 31,032/15,484 (Highest Dmg on my team... ZED 32,313) KDA - 3/12/16 [7/7/10] Game 6 - LOSS **Lux/Udyr** Damage Dealt - 12,297/12,843 (Highest Dmg on my team... Kai'sa 21,848) KDA - 1/13/11 [4/9/8] Game 7 - LOSS **Morgana/Yi** Damage Dealt - 15,720/21,377 (Highest Dmg on my team... EZ 57,579) KDA - 2/10/12 [7/19/9] SO needless to say, so far, my jungle has done ABSOLUTELY nothing for my games. That's all I'm pointing out. As a SUPPORT, having more damage than my jungle is SAD... I truly don't consider any of these games as fairly placed. Now I'm not saying my stats were "good", what I'm saying is... basically, my jungle in almost EVERY game... was completely useless. The I truly don't think I'm doing my role bad, seeing as I'm doing my purpose, getting my adc gold either by her farming/killing the enemy. Looking at their KDA, I didn't have an ADC who was considerably bad, meaning they didn't feed and they didn't position their play doing nothing. I think there were only 3 games in this, my first one being the most, where my jungle even got any objectives. Yasuo in my first one got 3 turrets, but after than... 1 - 0 for the rest of the games. Like honestly, wtf rito. I call a redo.
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