the negative effects of league

Before i discovered League i had a social life, i had a girlfriend and i was doing good at school. till one day i discovered this abomination of a game from my Asian friends people say that Dark Souls 3 is a very difficult game but League of legends makes DS3 look like a cakewalk See... the battle isn't whats in the game, its about fighting the Riot balance team Idk who hired these goons but all they do is buff certain champions in the LCS whom they favor and this sh*t spills over in solo ques and makes the same boring ass process of everyone picking the same broken champion almost every time This game says you're supposed to have fun but i've never felt fun. I feel like exploding into a tantrum playing every game. To any new players! Do not play this game. You're not only sacrificing your social life you are also sacrificing your mental health
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