It's time to remove solo queue, and I'm a paid college coach with this viewpoint

Riot, it's been a good run. 10 years of toxicity. 10 years of mechanical skill making any sort of macro play not matter whatsoever. After 10 years, Riot, it's time to remove solo queue (or make significant changes to the system). League of Legends is a team game, centered around rotations, strategy, and teamwork. League of Legends is NOT a game based around individual skill, running around the map, ignoring objectives, and playing like it's TDM. Over the years, there have been some fantastic overall individual plays, such as Faker's 1v1 on Zed, Xpeke's backdoor on Kassadin, etc. but the macro and the team play is what needs to be prominent in a **TEAM BASED STRATEGY GAME.** **As a paid college coach, i do not look at solo queue ranks outside of an idea of where an individual's mechanical skill MIGHT sit. It's a poor way to measure someone's overall skill such as rotations, situational awareness, objective control, and the most important thing, the ability to play within a team. ** Currently, and over the last 10 years, players have climbed the ranks of solo queue based on how good they are individually in terms of micro, but the number of diamond+ players that I work with that fail to understand the basics of macro absolutely blows my mind, and it's Riot's fault. Riot has allowed solo queue to devolve into "mechanics only" while Flex queue is looked down upon as a sort of meme. In a **TEAM BASED STRATEGY GAME**, there should be no solo queue. There should be no rank queue where you can queue as less than a full team and earn a ranking off of it. League of Legends is a **TEAM BASED STRATEGY GAME**, not a battle royale where last member standing after a team fight at 47 minutes wins the game. There is no strategy in that, or if there is, it's extremely well executed baron dances with perfect communication and no misplays whatsoever, which, let's be real, will never happen in solo queue. It's mostly players thinking they need to 1v9 to win games because that is the culture that has been created. If you don't want to remove the queue, that's fine, but at least allow me to be able to communicate effectively with my team. Give a voice chat for solo queue so the people with the ability to win games through macro actually have a fighting chance. Don't punish their strengths and reward those who aren't playing the game as intended. Communication is 100% the most important thing in a **TEAM BASED STRATEGY GAME**, and not having a form of voice chat in a game is detrimental to that. I understand you added League Voice, but that's only for premade parties, most of which, will just use Discord anyway, so what is the point? Overall, Riot, it's time to remove solo queue, like you have with Twisted Treeline, Dominion, and Banner of Command (RIP, my favorite item). The experiment just didn't work, and that's okay, but let's not keep going down the path just to appease the egos of those who don't know how to properly read a map and call rotations. Let's bring back the real strategy and depth that you intended this game to have from the very start. It's time to make League of Legends great again.
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