To the "I'm Playing for Fun" excuse

Is it fun losing? Seriously? When you say "I playing for fun" You are essentially saying that you doing whatever you want no matter how it impacts the team and YES there are other ppl on your team besides you, is more important. You playing "For Fun" and INTing in Norms and making the Game just not enjoyable isn't fun, I'm sorry to say this but if you've ever said "Its Norms it's for Fun" Or "I'm picking what I want for fun", I just gotta question what you define as "Fun". Personally, I like Winning, there isn't any more fun in a Game then winning it. Regardless of Norms or Ranked, there maybe things I maybe testing or trying out but the objective is always to win or at least should be to win, right? To so blatantly say that you would rather Lose from minute 2 until the other team completely rofl-stomps and snowballs off of you isn't fun is it? I mean as a Support I'm all for ppl picking Off Meta stuff if they wanna test it out, that's fine, heck I play off meta support roles too but I don't ever play with the purpose of doing whatever I want just because I can! This is the problem with the statement "For Fun", you are literally saying that you are basically planning on inting, but because you think your Champ is fun it doesn't matter to you, you are ok with inting cause you got the Champ you wanted, you are ok with the rest of your team being miserable because HEY YOU got your Champ that you enjoy! So that's all that REALLY matters right?! I'm not saying you have to be so try hard or whateva, but when you are playing with other ppl on your team you should try and understand that they are trying to have fun too and them trying to carry you (who is playing "for fun") IS NOT FAIR! If you want to play "FOR FUN" Why not just play bots? You can literally get your champ and steam roll for fun all day and not worry about other people at all! If you are playing FOR FUN then that should be your mode of choice! If you are the type of player to go to norms, you hover something like let's say Jax or Aatrox, ok cool, and then when it gets to you to pick your champ you pick something completely different like Braum Top, or Yummi Top because you are "Playing for fun", no man that's not for fun, that's literally you trolling your team mates and me wasting 15-20min or however long it takes us to surrender isn't fair to me or anyone else on our team AND it's not fair to the ppl playing against us either! These guys could be in the game trying to practice for Ranked or for any other sort of reason and instead they are met with something that is a waste of time for them BUT HEY! YOU got to pick your "FOR FUN" champ! Winning IS FUN! If you aren't having Fun while winning then I have to seriously question your mental! AND if you are having fun while LOSING?! Then just wow, I'd recommend you invest in a Therapist ASAP

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