Talons Current State

r/Talonmains - On patch 6.22, 4 assassins got reworked. Today, all of them were either reverted or changed because of their delay, except for 1.
r/Talonmains: A domicile for those fond of shanking foes in the popular cyber environment, DotA 3.5, otherwise known as League of Faker. Produced by Blizzard, this game has an extensive roster of over 6 characters to choose from. Of which, the best character, Talon Du'Couteau, is the main topic of this subreddit.
Riot, PLEASE! Do something about talon. I’ve been playing talon for a long long time, and I don’t really like that talon isn’t where he used to be. To be honest I don’t have to say much, the guy who posted the thread in TalonMains described everything and he made it clear that talon do need to have a second look. And if you’re not willing to do anyhing about his kit, just PLEASE revert his w nerf so he can waveclear as he used to be without being forced to rush tiamat, which is useless to him, since he is an assassin and he needs to rush lethality items to be viable. Talon gets punished easly in high elo for roaming, midlaners just get 2 turret plates and thats equal 320g + the minions gold and exp that talon might miss, whereas talon is trying so hard to do his job and get a double kill bot lane or his lane is gg. Edit: I know you guys hate Talon as he isn't that hard to oneshot the squishes, but that's only with his ultimate, since it can proc the passive pretty fast ( w-r-q-AA) without the ultimate talon combo is so hard to pull off since he has to be very close and hit with both w blades. If we talk about assassins, every assassin can shove wave easily and do the job as an assassin without relying much on the ultimate(Akali-Ekko-Leblanc-Fizz-Zed,) and they can handle more than 1 enemy at a time, besides Talon because he is much more relied on his passive proc which needs an AA to do so. Also, if we watch some Talon game plays in high elo, Talon fails miserably. adc's are much more conscious and its not that easy to roam bot and get the job done, mid-laners+junglers are good so they punish talon pretty easy. and he falls after lvl 13 as he start to max his e, since it wont deal any dmg, so he gets outscaled by pretty much everyone.
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