Jungle EXP needs to be hotfixed, this role is now unplayable in games with good players

Every single lane needs to have priority, or you may as well go AFK. You also can't help them get priority, because you're forced to farm. If you stop farming to pressure a lane, your opponent invades and steals your camps, putting you extremely behind, because every camp matters. When your second buffs spawn, you're basically just removed from the game if your lanes don't already have priority on their own. If the opponent has priority, you'll be invaded and killed by a level 7 laner at each buff, while you're still only level 4, pushing level 5. Likewise, the top and mid lane are almost completely ungankable, because you're at such a huge level disadvantage. If your laner is already losing, you can't do anything to help them or pressure the lane, because you'll just die. It's incredibly frustrating to watch this and know the opponent is starting to snowball, without being able to do anything about it. Bottom lane is also virtually untouchable, because you cannot go Sweeper pre-6. The ward trinket is necessary to stop the laners from catching you in your jungle. Even more fun is when you're behind the enemy jungle. Every camp they steal puts you further behind, with no way to catch up. Warwick is currently pushing 57% win rate because he can just constantly invade and shut down his opponent with little risk. These changes should be completely reverted. The role is almost entirely ineffective in this state. If not, there at least needs to be some change to mitigate invading.
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